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I’ve had a life long obsession with telling stories. 


Initially starting my career in-front of the camera I worked as series regular on Sky, in television dramas and BAFTA winning feature films. 


However, I developed a fascination with how the perfect pictures where created, from what motivated camera movements to all the elements that united to make a motion picture. 


Since picking up my first camera many years ago I’ve never looked back. I’ve shot music videos for international rap artists hitting millions of views on YouTube, huge companies like Meta, Moonpig and Tesco. Filmed documentaries for streamers and now I work regularly with the biggest YouTube group in the world: The Sidemen. 


Having worked in many of areas of the film industry including production managing for the BBC and Producing, I’ve learned to adapt and be versatile, which I think is a necessity for a successful shoot. 


At the core of everything we watch is a story. From the online ads we see on social media to Hollywood blockbusters: It’s always a story. I love to find new perspectives and bring them to new audiences.


The story is everything. 

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